Renaldo Lawrence - E-Learning Creator Chiswick School, Lynda.com author

"Over the years, I had, and continue to have the opportunity to work with extraordinary creatives from companies such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Articulate and TechSmith. Working with these companies has allowed me to see and experience what a visionary leader looks like. During my years at Chiswick School, I have had the opportunity to work with Tony Ryan, a man who has continually demonstrated a unique foresight in education that is both creative and incredibly groundbreaking.

Tony's strengths lie in his ability to listen, understand and evaluate the issues whether it is departmental or school-wide and then make a positive and constructive decision towards solving the issue. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ryan both as a thought leader and educational visionary"

Mark Orchison - Director 9ine Consulting

"I have worked closely with Tony for over five years on delivering impact in schools through technology. Over this time I have been thoroughly impressed with Tony's strength to identify weaknesses and challenges, implementing strategies and actions with measures of progress in place to assess impact and inform changes where necessary. Tony's capability to develop and articulate impact led programmes to complex, multifaceted challenges make him an effective and dynamic leader of change."

It is an honour and a privilege to endorse Tony Ryan as one of the most inspiring leaders of education that I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

What makes Tony so special is that he emanates a deep desire to get systems right for the students and teachers in his care and will take nothing less than the highest of expectations no matter what context he works in.

He is selfless in his approach to leading and his actions are congruent with his belief system, which is based on being a true servant leader.

Not only is Tony inspirational in his strive for excellence, but he has highly effective skills of communication and builds rapport very easily with those that he leads.

Tony is very well read and keeps abreast of all the latest evidence-based strategies for improving the life chances of students. His passion for equality of opportunity is infectious and he is selfless in the hours that he devotes to developing leaders to be the best that they can be  There are no frills with Tony, he has an exceptionally common sense approach to coaching leaders and I have witnessed transformational change in the people that he has developed over the years.

Tony has my unwavering support in his new undertakings, and I know that leaders seeking effective school improvement strategies will thrive in his presence.

Dr Bogusia Matusiak -Varley - Director Top Quality Marque Limited