Services offered:

Eighteen years in school management & leadership brings a wide and diverse range of skills and attributes. Below are some of the areas where I feel confident offering analysis, assistance and advice: 

With budgets reducing year-on-year it is becoming hard, if not impossible to maintain the status quo. I can assist you in looking at ways to change your school's organisational structure to match budget but more importantly, create opportunity to improve student progress and enrich each student's learning experience.

It would appear that the fine art of curriculum design is a fading skill set. There is little more important than presenting the right offer to your students, one that will allow each individual to be engaged, motivated and challenged and which will provide the foundation for future growth.

I have practical experience of assisting teachers to 'grow their own' curriculum model which all can buy into and benefit from.

In my last three years of headship, I had to cut £1.3 Million from budget. This is never easy, but through a process of careful financial modelling you can protect the most valuable aspects of delivery and avoid the need for crisis management. An outside perspective can help you to identify key elements of a 3-year financial model that can prevent crisis through the introduction of a carefully considered financial strategy linked to the school's key improvement prerogatives

School structure  & Organisation
Curriculum analysis, development and design
Financial analysis and strategy arising from this

In today's challenging climate, it is more important than ever to identify the core aspects of school improvement and development and ascertain how and when to measure progress in these areas. Through careful analysis of data, blended with your knowledge of the challenges faced, we can provide a robust strategy for improvement with sharp KPI's and clear accountability.


Time is a critical resource in any school; there is simply no room for interventions or initiatives that are not making a marked difference to student progress, enrichment or well-being.

I can assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of work in place, allowing you to decide where to add further support, where to re-direct resources and where to drop initiatives that are taking time, effort, money and yet are still failing to show impact.

I am of the firm belief that we are morally obliged to equip our student's with the skills they will need to thrive in life and work as they grow and develop. I cannot envisage a world where IT will not play a central role in this world.

IT is not a solution in itself but is a part of the bigger educational picture.

I have a track record of working at the cutting edge of IT for learning in schools and have worked with most of the 'big players' to provide educational solutions.


IT Strategy, leadership & Management
Intervention effectiveness and value for money analysis
Strategic                               improvement